The sudden, almost overnight change to a landscape of remote work has completely altered how organizations operate. It is now commonplace for teammates and colleagues to be separated by physical distance as they try to collaborate and contribute cohesively to your organization. While this shift brought a welcomed change for many, it’s now time for companies to assess what model is best moving forward, and many are leaning towards a hybrid model that offers the benefits of remote work while keeping alive the team camaraderie and company culture through regular in-person interactions.

5 Tips for Transitioning to a Hybrid Model in the Workplace

Though it can be difficult to shift to this model at first, you’ll find that your employees and your bottom line both benefit from it. Here are five tips to ensure your success in building your organization’s hybrid culture:

  • Involve Your Employees in the Planning

    As with any major decision, those impacted by it will appreciate having a say in that decision. Opening the floor to hear your employees’ opinions about how they can be most successful in a newly rolled-out hybrid approach will ensure that they are happy with the change and feel heard. Even if you cannot accommodate all requests, making them a part of the planning process as much as possible will make the return to work a bit easier for everyone.

  • Grant Autonomy

    No matter what plan is ultimately agreed upon, leave space for employee autonomy where possible. For instance, it can be helpful to allow employees to choose the days they work from home vs. in person, as well as allowing them to pick where they work. That’s why BeeRemote’s solution is so powerful – it has a plethora of workspace options all over the United States, allowing your employees to pick where they live and work best.

  • Emphasize Team Connection and Interaction

    Industry experts and organizational leaders alike recognize the power of in-person interaction. Whether it’s for a collaborative meeting or to build interpersonal relationships with your colleagues, there is power in seeing each other face-to-face. Even if you have a remote aspect to your workplace culture, it’s important to emphasize to your teams the benefits of in-person connection.

    With BeeRemote’s resources, employees can find fantastic office spaces in over 700 cities and 1500 workspaces around the world. If one colleague decides to go into a workspace for the day, they can let the team know and other colleagues can join in. These workspaces are filled with perks to make the day enjoyable and productive. For larger team events, look into booking a team room at a workspace and taking the time to make connections and build a stronger team.

  • Ensure Office Time is Valuable

    As an employee, nothing is more frustrating than making the trek into an office only to have the day feel unproductive. As a team leader, make sure your team’s time is valued when they come into a workspace. Encourage colleagues to join each other for collaborative sessions, highlight the productivity gain of having an area to focus in, and empower your team to try new workspaces until they find one they love. As long as teams feel the value of in-person workspaces it won’t be a challenge to get them to embrace the hybrid model.

  • Ask for Feedback Often

    During the transition to the hybrid approach, check in with all members of your team to listen to their concerns, celebrate their wins, and make adjustments as needed. The best measurement of success is the satisfaction of your employees, so put in place a continuous feedback loop where they can voice their thoughts on how the hybrid approach could be adjusted. It’s important not to lose the cadence on this one even as the years go by. You might be surprised at the ideas and innovations your employees have; you just have to ask them!

Any large change in the workplace dynamic will be challenging. Transitioning to a hybrid work approach will have its challenges, but it will also have its benefits. BeeRemote has mapped out a way to make the hybrid approach work for organizations and their employees. We can help ensure that you get the benefits of remote work as well as the benefits of in-person collaboration.

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