Work from Anywhere, Together.

BeeRemote is a platform that connects your teams while giving them the flexibility of working anywhere in the world.

  • Access thousands of offices worldwide
  • Manage your hybrid workflow
  • Create the right mix of HQ,WFH and flex
  • Keep your teams engaged and well connected

It's time to BeeRemote!

Get $400 BeeRemote credits by signing up for a business account today!

*Eligible for companies with over 100 employees *Valid till November 30, 2022

Personalized Solution

Our personalized office solutions will maximize your employees' productivity, well-being, and work/life balance. A dedicated remote expert will help you craft a solution for each employee while working around your budget — all under one platform.


“BeeRemote is a huge productivity booster.”

  • Richard
  • Operations Manager

“Crafted to make your workdays better.”

  • Emma
  • Customer Success Manager

“I use BeeRemote as a safe escape when the home office isn't cutting it.”

  • Isabella
  • Key Account Manager

    “It’s great to have an office anywhere I am!”

    • Adam
    • Regional Sales Director

      Support your distributed teams

      Offer your teams a structured work-life balance, and boost employee satisfaction and productivity with BeeRemote's coworking spaces


      “The option to book ad-hoc conference rooms globally is incredible.”

      • Delfina
      • Head of HR

      “Such a supportive and flexible tool.”

      • Molly
      • Head of Talent

      “Our teams in Europe love to get together once a week!”

      • Ben
      • HR Manager

        “We literally have offices anywhere we need."

        • Deepa
        • HR Manager

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          Get Your Dedicated Hybrid Work
          Solution & Management Platform

          Bee Efficient

          You don’t need a contract for each office you want, just one agreement with BeeRemote.

          Bee Smart

          Save on cleaning, office supplies, furniture, internet network, etc. BeeRemote provides offices with all this.

          Bee You

          Use one of our solutions or build a solution around your needs. Select the countries or cities where you need offices and we build them for you.

          Bee Free

          Yeah! No fixed membership or implementation fees. We charge you at the end of the month and for the actual usage of your employees.

          Bee Flexible

          Don’t get stuck with a 12-month lease, triple NNN, or contract. So, you’ll get zero risk and full flexibility.

          Bee Together

          By having your employees work in an office with their coworkers. And maybe hanging out after.

          Bee Global

          Hire top talent from all over the world, regardless of where they live.

          Bee innovative

          Step your organization into the future and create the perfect work environment for it.

          The Ultimate Working Solutions for Your Company!

          The world is changing at a rapid pace. Today, employees are spread all over the world, so it’s no surprise that the ability to work remotely has become a basic perk.

          That’s why you need to support your employees, promote teamwork and make sure they’re productive.

          Explore our solutions.


          The remote solution offers worldwide offices your employees can work from. They just have to choose when and where.

          • Select the cities or countries you want offices from
          • Let your employees book working desks whenever and wherever they need it
          • Give your employees the flexibility of working from home or an office
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          Book private hybrid hives on a recurring basis. Whether that be offices for a recurring event with your team or to continually work together.

          • Book your hybrid working hubs as a recurring event
          • Choose the office type, size of your team, and special preferences
          • Give your employees that teamwork feeling
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          Get a long-term hive. In case you want official offices for a certain amount of time only for your employees.

          • Office available 24/7
          • Assemble teams from employees in the same city
          • Reserve an office for as much, or as little, time you need
          • Get the advantages of having your own offices
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          A simple modern interface
          for all your employees.

          • Easy access to thousands of workspaces!
          • Personalized concierge service for each of your employees
          • Manage and support your distributed teams
          • Visual tools to control your business remote & hybrid structure 
          • No implantation or monthly membership fees!


          Real-estate costs reduced


          Average employee rating


          Employees felt “more supported”


          Employees felt “more flexible”


          Employees felt “higher work/life balance”


          Employees will recommend BeeRemote to a friend
          *Data from Case Study (mid-sized company)

          BeeRemote integrates with your existing tools

          What Our Clients Say

          BeeRemote has been a game-changer in our pandemic response. One thing we learned during the pandemic is that office spaces really are an extremely inefficient overhead cost, however, it was also difficult to think about ways to keep our team remote while still creating a good team culture and having a united team. BeeRemote has allowed us to do that by giving our team comfortable places to work, for way less cost than our larger offices, and by allowing us to offer them social experiences as well.

          Get access to thousands of offices in more than 1000 cities!


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