Though many employees and employers see extensive benefits to operating under a hybrid work model, it’s not uncommon for both sides to experience a learning curve when it comes to setting boundaries in this new environment. When working from your living room or home office becomes a regular occurrence, the hard boundaries between work time and home time quickly fade away.

Employees struggle to “clock out” when they aren’t leaving a physical office location or may feel as though the time they used to spend commuting should now go to their employers. It’s important for organizations to help their employees set boundaries and combat potential burnout. By taking the time to ensure your organization’s hybrid model is well thought out and caters to the needs of your employees, you’ll have an easier time transitioning successfully.

Clear Boundaries Support Work/Life Balance

While adapting to the new working landscape, companies and employees will need to work together to set boundaries and expectations that work for them. No two organizations are going to operate exactly the same, but there are a few ways to empower your teams to maintain a healthy balance in their lives:

Reinforce the idea of shutting down for the day. Just because someone isn’t physically working in an office, it does not mean their workday is endless. As an employer, be clear that employees should not be working late into the evenings just because it’s more accessible.

Provide tools for a dedicated workspace. You may hear that your employees struggle because their work environment is no different than their home environment. By providing stipends for fully-remote employees to set up a nice office, you’re giving those employees a chance to succeed. For a hybrid model, working with organizations like BeeRemote to offer state-of-the-art office spaces on a flexible basis can be the perfect solution.

Lead by example and take breaks throughout the day. Let your team know when you’re stepping out to go on a walk or take an afternoon yoga class. By illustrating healthy habits, you’re not only encouraging them to follow suit, but you’re showing that you trust them to get their work done on a schedule that works best for them.

The Power of Hybrid Work Arrangements

A hybrid model will likely make everyone happy. There will always be employees who prefer to work from an office and employees who love the flexibility of working from home. By investing in a hybrid approach, you’re reminding both types of employees that their needs matter and that you’re doing your best to cultivate a successful work arrangement for everyone.

BeeRemote is an outstanding tool for teams and organizations that value flexibility. Our platform is active in multiple cities worldwide, meaning your teams can work and live anywhere they want, while still having access to office spaces designed specifically to promote productivity and reduce stress. Happy employees with healthy boundaries will lead to increased business success; partner with BeeRemote to make these possibilities a reality.

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