Most of us spent the last 2 years of the pandemic collaborating with colleagues through digital platforms. However,  the debate on whether people should return to normality in the office versus staying fully remote has polarized the workplace community and kept CEOs challenged.  Employers across the world agree – the future of work is hybrid. 

Here are 5 reasons why your company should adopt hybrid work arrangements too: 

1. Increase employee retention
Employee turnover is costly, as we all know, in more than one way. Besides being financially draining, employees are costing their companies the investment they made in their careers. Moreover, employees take away crucial knowledge when they leave their organizations. An astonishing 99% of employees want to work remotely at least some of the time – which is exactly what hybrid work is all about. 

2. Enhance Employee Satisfaction
With more flexibility to organize their time, employee happiness increases. As Josh Bersin shows, employee happiness has risen since January 2021. Hybrid work allows employees the best of both worlds – the in-office culture and remote work flexibility. Therefore, it allows them to feel more fulfilled with their work life. 

3. Increased productivity 
This study found no difference in the quality of work between remote and in-office employees. One of the major killers of employee productivity is colleagues interrupting you. However, some people may find it really hard to work from home – for reasons like inadequate workspace or sharing the home with other people. 

4. Increased ownership and trust between  management and employees 
In order for a hybrid work model to function, there needs to be a certain level of trust between employees and managers. Initially, that trust may not be great, but this will gradually increase with time. Why? Because when working hybrid, employees get more ownership over their tasks. No one likes being micromanaged, and unsurprisingly, levels of employee satisfaction tend to rise with greater freedom and flexibility in their work.  

5. Employer branding and easier recruiting 
Let’s face it: recruiters are having more trouble than ever finding highly qualified workers. More precisely, 83% of HR Professionals are having recruiting difficulties. Flexible work options and work-from-home options are one of the most popular employee benefits, and benefits are crucial when choosing a job according to 63% of employees. 

Attracting and recruiting top talent, boosting employee satisfaction and coworker relationships are some of the benefits of hybrid work arrangements. With BeeRemote, employees from all around the world are able to have access to coworking spaces without renting a traditional office.BeeRemote helps your company adopt this form seamlessly, where we ensure every employee will have access to a coworking space within 15 min walk away from their residential location.

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