The Professional Landscape of Today

The trend towards flexible work arrangements was catapulted into hyperdrive by the Covid-19 Pandemic. Though we were starting to see many businesses offer more flexible arrangements for their employees, the last year and a half turned that trend into a necessity for business survival.

During the crisis, Corporate America adapted quickly, and many companies saw bottom-line success with a largely remote workforce. In fact, 85% of businesses have seen increased productivity levels because of greater flexibility in the workplace. This is a smashing mark of success across the nation and showcases the adaptability of employees. While businesses and employees alike are seeing benefits from the option to work from home, there are drawbacks to ditching office life entirely.

What’s Missing in Pure WFH Model?

It’s no secret that working from home has a plethora of perks like no commute time, allowing household chores to get done throughout the day, access to a private workspace, and more, but there are some major holes that the WFH model just can’t fill. BeeRemote believes that companies can offer the best of both worlds by providing access to communal workspaces for an otherwise remote workforce. Giving your teams the option to have a communal workspace brings key benefits:

  • Team Camaraderie

    Every leader knows that their team is only as good as the relationships of the team members themselves and an entirely remote team hinders the ability to build relationships. Being remote, it’s nearly impossible for teams to grab lunch or have those critical “hallway conversations,” but BeeRemote helps bring your team back together. On days the individuals choose to go into a communal workspace, the rest of the team is notified, and they can join their teammate in the workspace selected. This champions flexibility and autonomy, while still encouraging everyone to capitalize on moments together.

  • Well-Equipped Workspaces

    With a remote workforce, it can be difficult to ensure that every employee is set up for success. If someone is crammed in a shared apartment with other people who have different schedules or job types, they might find it difficult to concentrate when needed. By allowing them to head into an optimized workspace for the day, week, or on a regular basis, you are giving the power back to each employee to choose what works best for their productivity.

  • Collaboration

    The office isn’t just a great space for team bonding, but it’s also a great space for team collaboration. Online collaboration can be clunky, difficult to moderate, and lack team participation, but by using BeeRemote’s solution to bring team members together for a project or critical brainstorming session, you’ll be back to a seamless, collaborative work environment.

  • Work/Life Balance

    Working from home offers some definite work/life balance benefits, but it can also be difficult to draw the line between home and work when they are both in the same location. Instead of shutting down at the end of the day to drive home, employees may feel pressured to stay online longer or work late because work is so accessible to them, but this can lead to major burnout. By implementing office days where everyone leaves and shuts off by a certain time, your team will avoid burnout in the long run.

How BeeRemote Can Help

Knowing how to implement a hybrid approach within your teams can be tricky. That’s why BeeRemote does all the heavy lifting for you! Your team can figure out what their unique recipe for success is and start operating from home or the office of their choosing. BeeRemote is connected to over 1,500 state-of-the-art office locations and coworking spaces across the country, so no matter where your employees are physically located, they can find a workspace that gives them what they need – maybe today it’s their living room, and tomorrow it’s a group workspace in their city. That’s the beauty of BeeRemote!

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